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Friday, October 29, 2010

A cheering thought for the weekend

The total of your donations has today reached £1478. Any day now we'll be over the £1500 mark.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's Total

Friday 22nd - now £1325. Moving on steadily.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Addition

The total now is £1095. Fingers crossed for the new week!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Latest Amount

Saturday 16th October

Total now stands at £1,045! Keep it coming! And thanks to all who have sent.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Very Pleasant Surprise!

We have already received £885 since last week! I can't wait for the postman to arrive each day!

At present we need to get up to £3000 for current outgoings. At this rate it shouldn't take long. Watch this space!

Many many thanks!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Please help!

This week, Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust has sent out requests for funding from its members and supporters.

There is no reason why this request should not be extended to those who are interested enough to follow the weblog and find out what is happening to the Castle.

Below is a copy of the request. We need fairly small donations now to pay for the run up to making an offer for the castle. All donations will be gratefully received!

Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust.

Dear Members and Friends October 2010

It looks as though the long awaited news, has really come at last! As you will have realised, notification of the AGM which included your membership forms were sent out before the important news of the projected sale of the castle had hit the headlines.

We now need to raise money urgently as a prerequisite to making a purchase offer, such as a business plan to give to the Heritage Minister as he requested, valuations to accompany applications to the Heritage Lottery Fund and the National Heritage Memorial Fund, as well as the inevitable matching funding.

We have long wanted a plan for Ruperra which would be for public benefit and not private profit. Immediately and urgently the castle needs to be structurally secured with scaffolding and a temporary roof. This would be at a minimal cost for the time being, enabling emphasis to be put on using the outbuildings, grounds and gardens to provide apprenticeship courses in building and horticultural skills. Other schemes combining with all that tourism has to offer, can be developed on the site. In ruins for 70 years, its rescue can be gradual and prudent, without putting a strain on the current national finances.

Historically, the Ruperra Estate always employed local people, training them and giving apprenticeships to the more promising. But there were always jobs for the unskilled too and no part of the estate was ever wasted. The glass house seen here in its present state and built nearly 100 years ago by Mackensie and Montcur of Kew Gardens fame, is still standing.

You will be notified later about the annual Christmas event, but in the meantime we would be very grateful – if you have not already included a donation on your membership form or even if you want to increase it – to receive any amount however small that you can spare so as to fill the coffers..

Please send your cheque to me, Pat Jones-Jenkins at Areithin, Heol Ton, Ton Kenfig, CF33 4PS and made out to Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust.

With many thanks once again for your faithful support over the years.

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