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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More Delay - what a surprise !

The presentation of the petition to Councillor Christine Forehead on Tuesday July 31 was a great success. Over 30 well behaved supporters turned up at Llancaiach Fawr and after a while were persuaded to shout 'No housing at Ruperra Castle' and 'Save our Heritage' while Nick Palit recorded us for a T V broadcast that went out on BBC Wales on Friday evening. There were reports in the Echo, the Caerphilly Campaign and the Argus. The Henderson family of medival re-enactment volunteers supported us in their beautiful costumes - after all there was a medieval house on the site before the castle was built. Charles I - who attended the Ruperra Woodland Festival last year - was not able to be there as he was working in Bristol until 5 pm and Parliament was not willing for him to have time off.

Some of the campaigners went in to the building after the presentation and saw the petition being presented to the Leader of the Council. We have since learned that the application will not come to the planning committee on August 15th . The dates of the subsequent meetings are September 12, October 3 and 14 and November 14.

Some people have not properly understood why we oppose new housing at the castle. In the first place it is because we know that the proposed 18 new houses will not be enough to pay for the restoration of the Castle. This means that more houses will be requested and the peaceful countryside will be lost. In fact any new houses around the Castle will destroy its setting in the landscape. Houses like Ruperra were intended to be seen with a space around them. New housing will destroy the very object that it sets out to restore.

It is time that the Welsh Assembly took charge of Wales' heritage. We would like to see the castle consolidated as a ruin set in a country park. Parts of it can be gradually restored at a later date. It is a very respectable and sensitive way of conserving heritage.

If you would like to help in any way with our campaign, please phone 02920 885840 or email for information.

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