Ruperra Castle

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Anniversary of the Fire at Ruperra Castle : December 6 1941

Ruperra Castle still lies in the same burnt out ruined state as on the morning after the fire on December 6th 1941. That morning the blackened timbers were still smouldering; now they are sodden with sixty seven years of rain. There is still another winter ahead before the Public Inquiry in April decides the future of Ruperra.

While you wait, and if you haven't already done so, you might like to get a copy of the book 'War and Flames' which describes events at Ruperra during World War II, including the night of the fire, told by the soldiers who were there that night.

Complied by Pat Moseley from recordings by local people and soldiers, the book costs £5.00 plus £1.50 p&p and can be obtained either by emailing, or writing to Pat Jones-Jenkins at 'Areithin', Heol Ton, Ton Kenfig, Bridgend CF33 4PS.
'War and Flames' has now been reprinted and the book of recordings by the servants at Ruperra 'Serving under Ruperra' at the same price, will soon be available.

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