Ruperra Castle

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Success : Second Battle won !

Caerphilly County Council Planning Committee once again rejected the planning application for Ruperra Castle when it was brought back for ratification. This time there was only one vote in favour of the proposals. Ruperra Conservation Trust is delighted that the councillors have had so little doubt about using their position strongly as guardians of our local and national heritage. When so much beautiful countryside is being lost to inappropriate development, the people of Caerphilly must feel proud of the protection of their councillors.

The owner has made known his intention to appeal against the decision. He must decide within six months. Battle number three may be about to begin.

The voting took place at the beginning of the meeting so that the Ruperra supporters were able to leave very soon. So early in fact that when they went up to the Penllwyn Manor to celebrate, it had not opened and eventually they had to find somewhere else to go. So the birthplace of Sir Thomas Morgan of Ruperra has still not been properly visited. One day perhaps!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Planning Meeting January 23 2008

We now know that the housing proposals for Ruperra were rejected by Caerphilly Planning Councillors on December 5 by 18 votes to 6. There were 7 absentees and 2 unable to vote through conflict of interest.
The Chief Planning Officer will report again to the Planning Committee on 23 January when, although he is still recommending approval, he will provide planning reasons for the rejection and another vote will be taken. So it seems that it may still be a worrying time until the 23. If you are able, please come to the meeting at 5 pm at the Council Offices in Pontllanfraith. If there are any last minute details or changes they can be checked here.
If the rejection is upheld the next question will be the reaction of the owner. Will he proceed to an appeal which he must decide to do within 6 months or will he sell?

It was good news that on 16 January, Jeff Cuthbert, AM for Caerphilly, arranged a meeting in the Assembly with the Minister for Heritage, Rhodri Glyn Thomas for a few members of Ruperra Conservation Trust. The Minister reassured us that he was fully aware of the uniqueness and importance of Ruperra in Welsh Heritage.

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