Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ruperra castle Public Inquiry Timetable

The first day of the Inquiry.

The Inspector stated that the main issue was whether development is justified under the English Heritage Enabling Development Document.

The barristers for each group gave a short submission and then Tim Stephens, Development Control Manager of Caerphilly County Borough Planning Division give his Proof of Evidence after which he was questioned by Mr Richards the barrister for the Appellant.The Inspector also asked some questions and Mr Stephenson the Local Authority barrister summed up.

Next Owen Banks, the expert witness for the Appellant read out his submission and was questioned by the Local Authority barrister, then by Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust's barrister, Caroline Allen, then by Rick Turner, Cadw Inspector of Ancient Monuments. Mr Richards then summed up for the appellant.

The session finished quite late, at 6 pm and the Inspector decided to start the next day's proceedings at 9.30 am.

Wednesday 22 April will be for Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust which has 6 expert witnesses and will probably last all day.

Thursday 23 April Cadw and the Ancient Monuments Society/Welsh Historic Gardens Trust will give their evidence and be qusetioned.

Friday 24 April The summing up and site visit by the Inspector.

There will be a further report later in the week.

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