Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Appeal set for November 11 2008

As most people will know, Mr Barakat has appealed against the refusal of the County Councillors to permit housing development at the Castle.

The deadline for writing in to support the councillors’ decision was August 13th. Many people have said that they achieved this and there has been a move to ask the Planning Inspectorate to hold a Public Inquiry instead of a Public Hearing. Hearings often deal with a subject in a day or even a morning which in some people's opinion is not felt to be good enough for a Scheduled Ancient Monument and Listed Building of Ruperra’s importance. This is particularly not good enough when the owner took so long to prepare his application and neglected and damaged the buildings in the meantime without making any repairs during his ten years of ownership.

The Hearing is set for November 11. If the Inspector decides to call an Inquiry, the date may be changed. Information will be posted on the weblog The letters that have been sent in to the Planning Inspectorate will be available for public viewing in due course at the Council Offices in Pontllanfraith.

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