Monday, August 28, 2006

Ruperra under Threat

A new planning application was submitted for Ruperra at the end of June 2006
Here are some details..

The new Ruperra application is called the ‘amended’ application because changes have been made to the layout of the conversions and new buildings since the original application in 2002.

The application was submitted to the Planning Division of Caerphilly County Council on June 21st 2006. Members of Ruperra Conservation Trust received three sheets of road access plans and one of the site layout on July 10th. Until they phoned the Council for more information they did not know that a full application had been received. It consists of about 30 sheets of plans and elevations and four reports or appraisals. Comments were asked for within 14 days that is by 24th July.

Gareth Lewis, the case officer for Ruperra however has said that he would like as many comments as possible to be received by the middle of August and believes that the application will probably be presented to the Planning Committee in September. Comments are always taken into account however right up until the application is actually put before the councillors. You can see the whole of the application by visiting the Council Offices in Pontllanfraith, Blackwood

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