Friday, July 28, 2006

Further Details of Planning Application.

There has been a great deal of new information submitted. In 2002 there was no structural report, no financial appraisal, no environmental appraisal and no conservation design appraisal. The applicant has not yet asked for Listed Building Consent from Cadw. At present he is applying for planning consent only from the County Council and when that is received he will then apply for Listed Building Consent. We feel that this is not a satisfactory situation for a monument as historically important as Ruperra but it seems that the procedure is becoming more commonplace.

There is a growing feeling that developers are being given a charter for destroying the open countryside. All over England and Wales our last remaining historic houses are being bought up, planning consent for a minimum amount of houses being granted, the sites being sold on at vast profit to much wealthier developers who then proceed with their legal and planning backing, to turn a delightful rural scene into an urbanised executive ghetto, covering the site with more houses and protecting it all with electronic gates to keep out the general public.

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