Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to see Ruperra Castle. Here are some maps.

Now that Ruperra Castle has become famous, everyone wants to know how to get there! The truth is that there is no vehicular access on the drive at the back of the Castle grounds, unless you live along the drive or are delivering the post or collecting the recycling. Volunteers working in the woodlands for the Conservation Trust can also park on the drive by the south entrance to the woodland.

However - if you are a good walker and enjoy fresh air and exercise, you can park in the Coed Ruperra woodland car park on the Draethen-Michaelston Road and walk throgh the woods to the castle drive. The drive is a public footpath and you can walk along there past the gate into the castle to a little kissing gate and down a path at the side of the castle grounds and round to the south side.

You might like to stop at the Hollybush in Draethen for a meal or a drink and leave your car there while you walk up the footpath at the back of the Hollybush and into the woodlands and up and over the top down to the castle.

Good luck and enjoy yourselves!

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